Impact of Loss of 3P Cookies on Publishers’ Ad Revenue


Previous studies that addressed the impact of losing third party (“3P”) cookies on ad revenue did not clearly differentiate between the impact on ad tech intermediaries versus on publishers. While a “dramatic drop” in CPMs was observed from the advertisers’ perspective, that drop cannot be used to represent a decrease in publishers’ ad revenue. This is because the drop in advertiser CPMs came from the elimination of the fees that advertisers paid to ad tech intermediaries for ad targeting rather than changes to the CPMs received by publishers. Publishers…

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The following post was inspired by the book Dark Territory: The Secret History of Cyber War and the stories of how we have already transitioned from espionage and information warfare involving communications, technologies, and operations in the physical world to those very same things in the cyber world.

If we consider terrorism to be actions undertaken by foreign states, groups, or individuals that entail varied, coordinated and sophisticated acts that disrupt economic and financial systems for ideological, monetary or religious motives. Then we should consider digital ad fraud in these terms. Not only are billions of ad dollars stolen from…

Ad Fraud Researcher

Former Group Chief Digital Officer, MIT PhD (Materials Science), McKinsey Alum,

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